Get Closer to Reality

Why you need a racing simulator


Do you have a race meeting, test day or track day coming up. An accurate racing simulator is the best initial preparation you can have. Get over that 'rusty' period and prepare to make the most of your upcoming event.

Learning a new circuit

Nobody wants to spend the first few hours of an expensive test or track day not knowing where the circuit goes. Practice on a racing simulator gives an excellent insight into braking positions, turn in points and apex's etc. Bringing you up to speed at your event that much quicker.

Improve racing technique

We all love the thrill of competition and the more we practice every aspect of racing and a race weekend, the better we will be. Plus the accuracy of todays simulation software and the ever growing E-Sports world are a competitive advantage that you need to be getting involved with.

BOVE Fabrication the choice of the enthusiast and the professional

Our SIM rigs are built for both home and professional use to provide the ultimate in realism and immersion.

Flexible options from turn-key to completely bespoke

Aluminium-skinned body can be painted or wrapped in your choice of colour with a contrasting powder-coated cage and fully adjustable screen mount.

Design your livery to recreate your dream racecar, match your decor or advertise your business: make a statement in your home, showroom or trade show.

Take your sim-driving to the next level of realism with SIM Seven from BOVE Fabrication.

Lease and Purchase options available. Finance is also available subject to conditions